Build resilience, improve performance and productivity

By exploring underlying issues and developing appropriate strategies you will be better able to understand and respond effectively to challenging situations at work.

Reduce workplace stress and feeling overwhelmed

Through developing relevant insights and strategies you will reduce workplace stress and increase job satisfaction, thus enabling you to work more effectively and improve your concentration and organisational abilities.

Exercise authority and develop leadership skills

Develop leadership skills to enhance your confidence in order to address difficult inter-personal relationships that might otherwise hamper career progression.

Enhance professional boundaries and improve responsibility

Reduce feelings of stress arising from the dynamics and expectations of your professional role. Be better equipped to manage difficult interactions with others.

Understand your role within your organisation

Be able to relate to the larger organisation, its complexity and your possible role within it, so that you can make effective contributions.

Wellbeing Mentoring

The wellbeing mentoring relationship provides a uniquely empathetic yet challenging support structure. It helps individuals to make sense of the issues they face, to identify options and address them, and to develop and implement an action plan for change. It aims to improve the quality of their work and keep career paths on track. Wellbeing Mentoring not only supports the staff member, but also benefits whatever activity or project the individual is undertaking within their team, department or organisation.

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Mental Health Mentoring

Mental Health Mentoring enables the individual to establish a private and safe relationship with their mentor who understands the demands of their job in the context of their condition, how it impacts the individual, and appreciates the resultant psychological difficulties and problems that they may face within the workplace. Over time, a supportive and respectful relationship of trust is developed allowing the person to explore issues affecting them and to work on overcoming those barriers.

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BAME Mentoring

Individuals from a BAME background may face particular workplace challenges such as lack of career progression, inequality, isolation, discrimination, insecurity and frustration. Specialist mentoring can help individuals articulate those challenges in a confidential and non-judgemental space and allows them to reflect on their experiences and work with their mentor to develop strategies to address these obstacles. Mentoring helps build resilience for the individual concerned and equips them with the skills to forge a more satisfying work life.

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Employee Assistance Programmes

To complement your current Employee Assistance Programme we can offer an independent mentoring service which can be tailored to your organization’s and employees specific needs. By supplementing your EAP with a specialist mental health mentoring service you can offer your employees a deeper level of support to cope with the impact of mental health conditions at work.

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